About VoterVillage

Democracy is the only system that persists in asking the powers that be whether they are the powers that ought to be. – Sydney J. Harris

How does my vote count on VoterVillage?

VoterVillage improves communication with our elected representatives by measuring real public opinion, voter by voter and district by district, in a way that focuses on issues rather than personalities or political parties.

As we add up the results of each poll on this site, they will be displayed for all to see. Beyond voting on polls, comments are invited and appear side-by-side according to how the commenter has voted. Comments gaining the most "LIKES" from other voters will rise to the top of each poll's results page. You may change your vote and invite friends to vote, comment, and LIKE other comments any time.

We will serve registered voters of all political parties with an honest and convenient public issues platform which invites respectful, articulate, and intelligent debate within local election districts.

We're committed to providing our members with COMPLETELY NEUTRAL, and TRANSPARENT voting and debates. We'll require all voters to provide real names and addresses when they register — to ensure each member votes only once on each poll. We will insist that each member first be an officially registered U.S. voter and actively cross-check member registrations with their official local voting records (which are publicly available).

How did VoterVillage begin?

In January of 2011 my wife and I were driving back to NY from Washington DC, having just visited with our new congressman on his first day in office. We were invited because I'd helped him in the campaign, a first for me after 24 years of town and county politics. I recall wondering why it took actively helping with a winning campaign to get special access to the person who represents us in Washington.

We had been standing in our Representative's office on his first day. There were a number of us from the district, joined by several lobbyists, who had followed him back to his office after the swearing-in. They were pressing their business cards into our man's hands and, though my wife and I would be leaving, the lobbyists would be back. I knew when one of us had something to say we could email, and we'd join a torrent of up to 35,000 emails and calls... per office... per month. (Do we really call that voter access?)

On that day VoterVillage began to form in my imagination. Since I've built several websites, I know the web can do amazing things to connect people in powerful ways. Why not build a website to connect voters directly with their district Representative over the issues? Couldn't all voters be invited to a website that does that? Doesn't each member of Congress need to know what voters in their district want? Not just those who volunteer? Not just those with money? Shouldn't they hear from all voters? From all parties? Constantly?

That's what our political system needs! A simple conversation restricted to voters in each district. Everyone talking. Representatives listening. I hope you'll join, vote, comment & share. ~ Jim Crawford

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