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NOTE: Only polls suggested by registered members will be considered for NY23 or Hot Topic polls.

Is there a NY23 or Hot Topic poll you'd like VoterVillage members to discuss and vote on? Fill out the form below to suggest your idea to VoterVillage moderators. We'll consider your suggestion and give a reply soon.

Please note the following guidelines:

Please be clear and succinct, without bias toward either of the allowed answers.
For example, "Are you for or against the latest legislation to regulate how banks structure investments?" is preferred over "Isn't it ridiculous that banks are unregulated?"

Please use acceptable language.

Polls should not be personal, and should be of interest to the greatest number of people.
For example, "Do you believe that homeowners should be able to seek federal assistance if they cannot make their monthly mortgage payments?" is preferred over "What should I do about my mortgage?"

Polls should not be used to attack or disparage others; be as objective as possible.
For example, "Do you favor the measures proposed last week?" is preferred over "Do you agree with John's short-sighted proposal from last week?"